Bankruptcy is a personal choice, you should never be pressured into a decision.


Mr. Ince was licensed in 1991 and primarily handled large lawsuits.   As he dealt with people in distress, more and more he found that bankruptcy was far more economical and far less stressful than fighting what sometimes became a losing battle.

About 20 years ago, Mr. Ince changed his practice to bankruptcy.   Licensed in the United States Supreme Court, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal courts in the Northern, Eastern and Southern District, he has had a lot of experience. However, what he takes the most pride in is that he is a former teacher, police officer and husband and father. While bankruptcy is incredibly complicated, he has a unique ability to simplify the process and speak in plain English. He strongly believes that bankruptcy is a personal choice and that you should never be pressured into a decision. He always recommends that you wait to make your decision until you get home, think about it, pray about it, and give all the alternatives careful consideration. 

Once your mind is made up, he will move very quickly to assist you in getting the process started. Whether you need a payment plan for the attorney fees or just need to understand how the process works, he will take as much time as necessary to explain it to you. What he likes best about a bankruptcy practice is that nearly every singe client comes out of bankruptcy in a better financial and emotional state than when they started. The emotional toll of sleepless nights and fear of the telephone ringing are real issues and should be weighed as heavily as the legal considerations.  

He offers a zero pressure, informative consultation at no cost.  All you have to lose is about 45 minutes.  After you are done, you leave, and the decision is yours and yours alone. 

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